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Santino Prinzi,

Author of This Alone Could Save Us

Diane Simmons,

Author of An Inheritance

Sara Crowley,

The Forge Magazine

"Woodhouse writes with precision and heart, shaking the foundations of a family home while history unfolds outside its door. This is a novella-in-flash that masterfully depicts the intensity of a quiet domestic life."

"Alison Woodhouse is a writer who knows her craft. The quiet flashes in The House on the Corner are beautifully written stories of missed moments and opportunities not taken. With depth and subtlety, this is a novella-in-flash that warrants repeated readings."

"It’s astonishing how The House On the Corner takes us through eight years of the King family in just forty-five pages. How can a novella in flash have the feel of a saga? This is a tender look at a family; subtle, achy and memorable."

"A small but powerful litany of the most subtle of destructive behaviours build The House on the Corner into a work to care hugely about.  Small in stature, big of heart. Not easily forgotten."

Vanessa Gebbie,

Author of The Coward's Tale

"Alison Woodhouse has a novelist’s gift for capturing in words the currents and eddies of intimate, private thought. She renders her characters’ disappointments and joys in paragraph after paragraph of exquisite prose."

Michael Loveday,

Author of Three Men on the Edge

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