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Publication Day!

I started the day with a book birthday breakfast! Gorgeous September sunshine and even the wasps stayed away! It was worth having this early morning start, just to stop and think about what all this means to me. Five years ago I moved to Bath with the intention of making writing central to my life. My four children were adults, I wanted to leave school teaching, have a fresh start in a place I love and do an MA in Writing, having not taken up a place to do one at UEA way back in 2008. I thought if not now, when! I didn’t have a plan but I had so many hopes, with no idea of the turbulence, both personally and globally, that lay ahead. However …

Despite everything, writing IS now central to my life. When writing was something I wanted to do, but didn’t have time, didn’t prioritise, didn’t commit (for a myriad of perfectly good reasons) I was out of balance. I’m lucky to have recognised this. Lucky I have been able to make it work, financially, practically. Lucky to have been published twice now, in the last two years. Lucky that readers seem to respond to my words. Lucky to have writing friends, many online and some who live close enough to spend time with (some who aren’t so close who I’d love to spend more time with !). Yes I work at it, I work hard, we all do. And sometimes it feels too difficult, I lose heart, energy, think there are too many books in the world already and what is mine worth, why bother?

The answer, of course, is that it means something to me. Look at the photo below, my fellow V Press authors, who kindly came today to help me celebrate the launch of my book. Each one has written an outstanding book. I am proud to call them friends. None of us may change the world or even nudge it, but if we are all connected by energies and love, which I believe human beings are, then this photo brims with the kind of positivity and joy we all need and deserve.

Thank you to all the people I have met over the last five years and to all those who go way back. I wouldn’t be here without you. I was asked today what the next five years might look like. I have no idea. Today is a good day, that’s all and that’s enough.

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