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First Reviews!

The first reviews for The House on the Corner are in (at Goodreads, Amazon and Waterstones) and it's been wonderful to see that readers have loved what I love in the book! It's a quiet story about hidden, unspoken tensions played out against the backdrop of seismic global change, the micro and macro of life if you like, and it seems to have got under people's skins, in exactly the way I hoped it would. What has been really lovely is receiving the many messages from people who have let me know they enjoyed it. It's all an author wants to know! Tomorrow is a new departure — I've been interviewed about the book at Tracy asked some really interesting questions about the novella in flash as a form and my own experience of writing it. She tweets @theliterarypig so do look out for her.

Meanwhile, I've launched my critique services — all details on the website. I love working with other writers and if I can be of any help to you (or you want to buy a gift for the writer friend you know!) then please get in touch.

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